Our Board

Jason Loakes

Co-founder, Chair of the Board and General Manager

Jason has a passion for helping those less fortunate to whom life has dealt a harsh blow. He is passionate about giving people a hand up not a hand out, and is excited to be working with a great Board and volunteer group to spread his vision and see it come to fruition.

Kyle Parmley


Kyle is a young man going places. He is an Australian champion in Taekwondo, MMA champion and driven young man. He has a passion to influence his world through his sport, and is dedicated to helping Sheltered by Grace transform the lives of those less fortunate. Kyle volunteers his time at the shelter when he can through night shifts and health and fitness training for our clients. He promotes the organisation through his sporting work and speaking engagements, and is a welcome addition to our Board.

Rod Hyatt

Board Member

In 1994, as the result of an earthquake in Los Angeles, Rod became painfully aware that a good night’s sleep in safe and secure accommodation was no longer a reality for thousands of people. 

He decided to do something about it and became involved with Habitat for Humanity in both rebuilding and fundraising. On his return to Australia, Rod continued to support organisations that helped people to have safe secure places to sleep at night.

Rod has a wealth of experience and knowledge across a wide range of fields, having taken 70 trips around the sun. He has been an Advertising Executive, Marketing and Management Consultant, Business Strategist, Property Developer and House Builder. He has also been a teacher of English, History and Geography. 8 years ago, Rod retired from full time business and decided it was time to give back and get involved more deeply in addressing the plight of people who do not sleep securely at night.

Besides being the Treasurer of Sheltered By Grace, he is now the Chief Operating Officer of Fuller Center for Housing, Queensland, Australia, following the lead of Millard Fuller, the founder of both Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Center for Housing, in getting back to a more grassroots approach to tackling the problem of substandard housing.

Rod wanted to do even more at a deeper level to help people suffering housing stress and realised that there is no deeper stress than having no home at all. He joined the board of Sheltered By Grace to be able to understand the difficulties that homeless people face and to be able to do something about it.

“Habitat For Humanity had been a favourite NFP Organisation of mine since first becoming aware of their work after the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles 17 January 1994. Retirement from the business sector allowed me time to become more supportive to the extent where I became involved in starting up the Brisbane Chapter, served as Chairman of the Queensland affiliate and then stepped into a management role after the 2011 South East Queensland floods.

May 2013 - Having spent 2 years as Development Manager for Habitat For Humanity Brisbane, I spread my wings and moved into a role where I can be of service to a wider community of people needing safe secure housing. My passion has not changed. In fact, it has deepened to a point where I believe the current Habitat model is not effective in fully addressing the problem. We need to get back to a more "grassroots" approach in line with Millard Fuller's original dream of partnership housing - a place where people are more important than personalities - a place where God's work is not corporatised - a place where we can be more flexible and nimble in helping the vulnerable members of our community. This is why I have also become involved as a board member with Sheltered By Grace. There is a need for a different approach to ending homelessness. I believe that Jason and Lisa Loakes have that different approach and I want to help them to realise their dream of ending homelessness. Once people have transitioned off the streets and have resumed a more normal way of life, they are then ready for Fuller Center’s help.”



Lisa is a passionate advocate for change. She has completed a Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Not for Profit Studies and wants to see people transform their lives and live a life they love.

Jim Bills

Board Member

Jim holds GAICD, MBA and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute Of Management. He brings professional governance and management skills to the board table. His strategic vision, “hands on” IT skills and business experience across all sectors and types of business provides insight to assist Sheltered by Grace to deliver transformational homelessness solutions and make Sheltered by Grace a financially strong and resilient organisation. An experienced musician, he also participates and sponsors the music program for shelter residents and is often seen strumming ukulele with the residents. He says, “ It’s wonderful to be able to help make a difference”

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