Established in 2010, Sheltered by Grace is a not-for-profit organisation located south of Brisbane, Queensland that exists to make a real difference in the lives of the homeless. We are not government funded and our focus is on the provision of supported accommodation and dedicated programs for men and women over the age of 25 suffering from trauma that has led to homelessness.

Offering 24-hour supported accommodation alongside case management our programs are person-centred (designed for the individual), trauma-informed (acknowledges the impact of trauma) and designed to really help people get their lives back on track rather than just band-aid their problems.

Our three dedicated programs include:

  • 6-week Wellness Program
  • 6-Month Rehab Recovery and
  • 6-Month Peer Support/Leadership

Our programs are supported by Social Workers, and Counsellors and integrate with other programs. In June 2021 we had three graduates from the 6-month Rehab Recovery program and another three in November. They are reconnecting with family, mentoring others and retraining.

We offer 24-hour supported accommodation, food, utilities, clothes, case management and targeted programs for mental health, domestic violence and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Paige's Story

Coming from a domestic violence situation, Paige found herself addicted to meth amphetamine to cope with her trauma. She checked herself into another rehab but was asked to leave following her choice to start cigarette smoking again.

Paige came to Sheltered by Grace in December 2020 where she has been undertaking the rehab recovery program. As part of her program, she has undertaken the Narcotics Anonymous 12 step program that has been delivered on site and learnt a lot of things about herself and her triggers.

She says that she had not taken responsibility for her own actions and when she started the rehab recovery program with Sheltered by Grace, she initially fought against the process for some time as she was trying to rush her recovery process and was already in the middle of looking for a house for herself and her children.

Your Contribution can make a Real Difference 

$33 a night can change the life of a homeless person. 
$66 for two nights
$132 houses a homeless person for 4 nights
Between $230 and $330 a week houses a homeless person for a week including:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals provided
  • Shared facilities – bathroom and laundry
  • Clothes
  • Case Management
  • Social Workers
  • Medication Assistance
  • Other support options depending on the individual

Our Christmas appeal is asking for people to make an ongoing weekly or monthly donation for the course of a year. Our goal is 50 people or companies donating $25 a week for 12 months.

You can make a real difference this Christmas. Please donate now to help people to get their lives back on track. Even if you can’t donate regularly, any amount over $2 is tax deductible and all amounts help.