Good Charities to Donate To

5 Points To Consider When Choosing Good Charities To Donate To

The ultimate goal of a good charity is to right the wrongs in life, contributing to the good of the less fortunate, not to feather their nest. So what are the determining factors in finding a good charity?

What Defines The Best Charity To Donate To?

To explain, or describe, or interpret, or characterize the best charity to donate to, is how the dictionary explains “define” the best charity to donate to. To illustrate this more clearly, let’s take a look at the points below, one at a time.

1. Which cause?
2. Modus Operandi. Method of operation/charter
3. Ability to achieve the desired result (past performance)
4. Ability to lead/ utilization of talent pool
5. Enriching society (what do they give back)

1. Which Cause To Donate To?

Bad publicity in any forum, is everywhere – because bad people are sometimes there. One rotten apple does not contaminate a truckload, it merely takes better quality control to eliminate the problem. Government has strict guidelines as do most charities. We all know that actions speak volumes.

To use an example, just for a moment, take a look at yourself, now tell me what defines you as an individual? Is it the status you were born into, perhaps being born into relatively prosperous conditions in contrast to an impoverished neighborhood or vice versa, is not what defines us as an individual.

It’s not the silver spoon that dictates who we are, nor is it the gladrags. In reality, it is our heart, or lack thereof. If people who have spent time in prison can support and help others and large corporations can find time and ways to give back, in the same way that a family unit or you and I, as an individual can give back, then obviously it’s what’s inside us – the stuff we are made of, that’s our true essence.

I salute you, because you are here looking through this information because YOU have the right stuff, the stuff that changes thinking, changes communities and changes our world. We need you and more like you.

So really, to choose the right cause is to donate to the charity that is close to your heart. Our concept of values will determine our giving. The value our heart places on our giving.

Good Charities to Donate To2. Method Of Operation.

There are a great many charities in the national arena, all of them deserving of help.

Marketing strategies tend to highlight only a few, as not all have access to large funds for advertising purposes and also because some are not-for-profit organizations and are structured differently.

According to the ATO, the legal definition of non profit organization, is an organization or corporation that conducts business for the benefit of the public, without shareholders and without a profit motive. The ATO (Australian Tax Office) must approve the tax-exempt endorsement of all non-profit organizations. They are generally governed more strictly than corporations. Some charities have tax free donations. Check with your charity.

There are many charities to donate to, and in my view, transparency is important. Organizations that don’t hide anything, whose operations and financials are clearly visible, are usually the ones with a good track record.

Outlining goals and objectives, how monies are to be spent, will outline for you what you can help achieve as well.

3. Ability To Achieve Desired Result.

Does the charity you wish to donate to, have the structure in place and the pool of talent in place, to achieve theirs and your desired results?  Looking at past history would give you the answer. Results speak for themselves.

The current agenda for Sheltered by Grace is the provision of 36 more beds at their Waterford shelter on Brisbane’s Southside to better service the needs of the homeless.

This not-for-profit organization is currently looking for your support to supply the concrete floor on the new extension.

 Good Charities to Donate To4. Ability To Lead – Utilization Of Talent Pool

By their actions, Sheltered by Grace have shown the remarkable use made of the chairman’s ability to lead, and his unique team of talented professionals through to caring volunteers, to be able to nurture the vulnerable homeless citizens in their care, back to productive lives that are worthy of the words, “transformation” and “good works”. This is the stuff that changes lives.

5. Enriching Society  

This good charity, from the chairman down to the occasional volunteer, down to the occasional or regular donator, people like you, are the reason this country will continue to prosper both financially, spiritually and in our hearts.

Striving for excellence in charitable works, finding the best ways possible to help our homeless and working on a model that is self sustaining and can eliminate homelessness, now that’s truly, in my view, something worthy of support. Will you help support sheltered By Grace, because as a team we can truly transform lives!

Written by Barb Fulwood

About the Author Lisa Loakes