About Us

Homeless Solutions

Sheltered by Grace is a homeless solution designed to end homelessness and is based on the Common Ground model of housing. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Loakes heard Roseanne Hegarty from Common Ground speak at a forum in Brisbane on one of her first visits to Australia, and her discussion of the model in the US has influenced the way that the Sheltered by Grace model has evolved. 

For the chronic homeless, neither permanent housing nor band aid services are the solution. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Rosanne speak about a different way of housing the homeless, one that gives onsite care and support that is needed for individuals who are dealing with homelessness and addictions, mental health and domestic violence situations.

They may have multiple issues that need to be addressed before being able to sustain their own tenancy. This is why we use a model of 24 hour supported accommodation where physical and mental health issues can be addressed; addictions and trauma worked through with case management; and training in social skills like budgeting, self-care, food and nutrition can be delivered. We give our clients the best possible chance to get their lives back on track before supporting them to go back out into the world. Without this type of support, we are just setting the homeless up to continue to fail.

What makes us different is that our model is self-sustaining, does not require ongoing government funding, is easily duplicatable and does not restrict clients to a short-term stay. In partnership with our clients, we determine when they are ready to enter the private rental market and assist them to find appropriate solutions. Through ongoing connection and community, we ensure that our clients are still connected and linked to services if they need them in the future.