Charities to Donate To

What Are The Best Charities To Donate To In Brisbane?

How do you say NO to a person in dire need – go away? Well, unless you yourself were in a similar position, it would take a truly heartless person to contemplate saying this. In all conscience, a humane person would at least attempt to help, would you agree?

Charities to Donate To

That’s precisely how Chairman of Sheltered By Grace, Jason Loakes became so totally committed to helping homeless people. A friend and his family were in dire need.

There are many good Brisbane charities to donate to, and all are worthy of support, so finding a charity close to your heart is a great starting point.

What Makes A Charity Stand Out?

Actions speak louder than words. So true, that statement, isn’t it?

Jason Loakes said “take my hand, I will help”. Now, THIS man exudes goodness in all its natural beauty. Sheltered by Grace’s Chairman, is adamant in showing homeless people that they can be, what they want to be, regardless of their reality.

In my viewpoint, Jason Loakes and all families like the Loakes family who epitomize values and ethics that we all admire, are a beacon of light for us all.

This humble yet vibrant individual is not just totally committed to helping homeless people in Brisbane, his gently persuasive ways are the driving force in his passion to help our homeless and the reason the pool of talented volunteers in Sheltered by Grace are totally committed as well.

That’s why this local homeless shelter qualifies as one of Brisbane’s best charities for the homeless. Jason is a master tactician. A visionary extraordinaire and together, he and his team of unswervingly dedicated Board Members and Volunteers have created a blueprint to successfully rebuild homeless people’s lives. They have made real change in the lives of Brisbane’s homeless.

Building for The Future

The need for larger premises has become  ever apparent due to the plight of sharply growing numbers of homeless Australians. This plight emphasizes the importance of assisting good charities like Sheltered by Grace. Will you help them? They are building concrete slabs for the additional 36 beds required.

Jason Loakes says that what Sheltered by Grace is doing to transform lives can be duplicated all over Australia.  Consider for a moment, what impact this would have on our society. Just for a start, it would improve our health standards overall, improve mental health sustainability as well as visibly show a return on social investment.

This certainly puts Sheltered by Grace into the category of best charities in Brisbane, so I encourage you to join this worthy cause. The benefit that this duplication process to help our homeless will produce, is enormous.

Charities to Donate ToWhat Can Your Goodwill Donation Achieve?

The implications if charities like Sheltered by Grace were not there to help our needy are both frightening and real. The facts show that a whopping 1 in 200 Australians are homeless. That could be your neighbor, maybe your friend around the corner or his friend. A staggering 18,000 of these are some of our children, under 10 years old.

Here I am, sitting in the comfort of my home. It’s raining outside, a bit cold and I am about to have a lovely warm dinner that my darling just cooked. It’s starting to get dark and I have just realized that somewhere around my neighborhood, is a homeless person, probably cold, probably hungry, got no blanket and struggling to stay dry. This person does not have a safe, let alone a dry place to shelter for the night.  Imagine what a long night it would be ahead of you, to live like that.

No TV to pass the time, no company to keep your mind at ease, to keep you from getting depressed. Could that be a little child, alone in the dark? This could be happening on my doorstep and your doorstep, right now. It’s time to act! Can you help?

Jason Loakes and the people at Sheltered by Grace know this. They are doing something about it. They are taking steps to help our needy.  They are building larger premises to provide more shelter and support and encouragement for any needy person who is seeking their help.

This is why I feel that this is undoubtedly one of the best charities to donate to. I hope you agree. Your goodwill donations are a vital part of this expansion project. Donating items, your time, some of your resources or donating funds should make you feel proud to be a part of something so special. It’s a very special gift.

Like Jason Loakes, you too can say to someone in dire need, “come, take my hand”. Will you show compassion and give a hand 


Written by Barbara Fulwood

About the Author Lisa Loakes