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Brisbane Homeless Shelters – What Is The Best Charity To Donate To?

Quite frankly, there do not seem to be enough homeless shelters to go around. How is that possible, you say? Well the swelling ranks of our homeless, is a prime indicator of the depths of gravity of the situation and the urgency required in providing a solution.

All homeless shelters are worthy of our help because they are the only recourse that our homeless can turn to in their times of great need. One of the best homeless charities to donate to, Sheltered By Grace is in Brisbane and expanding to provide more beds.

Best charity to donate toForward Thinking

Understanding the full depth of the needs of our homeless, is firstly required in order to correctly be able to ascertain and provide appropriate solutions, thereby allowing the delivery of the best help and support to our homeless needy. Ensuring the best care and the best usage of resources is paramount.

One such not for profit organization in Brisbane, namely Sheltered By Grace, is doing just that. This not for profit homeless shelter in Waterford, on Brisbane’s Southside, has a remarkable team in place, providing the diversity of expertise and quality of care that is truly exceptional and very much needed.

To fulfill the role as the best charity to donate to, not only requires great support from the public, but also recognition of the standard of work that should be provided. This is why Sheltered By Grace need your help, so that they can still maintain that high standard of services available through this Brisbane homeless shelter and continue to stay true to the needs of our homeless, to be the best you can be. An admirable quest, I’m sure you agree.

 A Call To Arms

Dr. Cassandra Goldie, CEO. ACOSS, states in the “Poverty In Australia” 2014 report, “It is unacceptable that after 20 years of economic growth, our wealthy nation is going backwards in the numbers of people falling into poverty”. ACOSS is the national voice for needy people affected by poverty and inequality.

Dr. David Morawetz, Director of Social Justice Fund says “poverty is defined as the pronounced deprivation of wellbeing or the inability to satisfy one’s basic needs. In such a wealthy nation as ours, its existence is shameful and reduces us all. We all need to do something about it.”  These facts convey the true essence of great works achieved by good charities and highlight the best.

Sheltered By Grace believe in not just helping homeless citizens get back on their feet, but also show them how to be self- sustainable in everyday life skills.  Going the extra distance for themselves, that extra mile, that’s what true self-help is about. That’s what Sheltered By Grace is about. Your donations will certainly help fund their expansion needs and together, this fight to help our vulnerable homeless citizens will ultimately enrich our local community.

Sheltered By Grace have not sat back on their laurels, waiting for others to champion their cause. They have focused their attention to addressing the issues that confront homeless citizens, the people in the forefront of the poverty line.

In their determination to continue offering the finest assistance, Sheltered by Grace have placed themselves in the forefront as a truly great charity provider for our most vulnerable citizens, by embarking on an expansion project to provide more facilities, in order to house our growing homeless population. They are answering the call to arms, they have taken up the challenge. Will you join them?

To provide the foundation for this expansion project, assistance from volunteers will be a great advantage. time or resources in laying concrete for the foundation would be a blessing, as would your financial donations, so I invite you to make a conscious decision now to join this fight with them. As former president Bill Clinton said, “it’s never too late or too early to start giving”.

 Best charity to donate toSocial Justice

Safety is but one of the issues facing our homeless, an important one. The violation of their human rights, such as dignity, health (including mental health), education and privacy can be catastrophic.

For example, a great many homeless citizens suffer long term illness due to poor nutrition, depression due to physical and mental abuse, causing overall psychological distress and substance abuse.  Facts indicate teenage adolescents and young adults lack the proper education required in this modern era because so many of them lacked the financial or family support needed.

The fundamental right to a safe and adequate living environment should not be taken from an individual. They should not be left to feel like outcasts, to feel ashamed and alone. What they should feel is our love, compassion and encouragement. By helping Sheltered By Grace, you too are helping to transform lives, helping to stem the flow of homeless in Brisbane, shaping lives and shaping the community. I thank  you, they thank you.

Written by Barb Fulwood

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