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Good Charities To Donate To

Who Should Get Your Donations?

Helping others doesn’t necessarily involve taking time out of your busy schedule and volunteering. Most charitable organizations are as desperate for monetary donations as they are for people to volunteer their time. However, you may have questions about donating your money, such as how the money is spent and how much of it actually is put into helping people. There are many philanthropic organizations you can donate to and there are ways you can check on how their donations are spent.

How Do You Choose?

There are many organizations that need people to donate their money so they can continue to provide services to those who need them and it can be difficult to decide to whom you should donate your money. Most people donate to organizations that they are connected to in some way. For instance, if a disease has affected you or someone you know, you may wish to donate to charities trying to find a cure for that ailment. You may also want to donate to causes that you believe in or in which you have an interest. Opportunities to donate money are everywhere, including through your work place or when you see volunteers taking donations for their organization at a shopping centre. While it would be nice to donate money to all of the charities you come across, most of us don’t have enough money to give to every organization. It can be difficult to choose who gets your money, but if you are unsure to whom you should donate, you can find charities here, Charities Aid Foundation, that need your money.

Tips for Choosing a Charity

Before you volunteer your time or decide which charities to donate to, consider what types of issues matter the most to you. If you are an animal lover, you may wish to donate to organizations that protect animals, such as the World Wildlife Fund, or are directly involved in rescuing them. Many animal rescue groups not only need volunteers and money, but also they may need food for the dogs, cats or other animals they help. Consider where you want your money spent. Do you want it to stay with local charities or are there international groups that you wish to make donations to? Perhaps there are national charities that you wish to provide with goodwill donations. Your dollars may be best spent with a national charity if it is for medical research, for instance, but if you wish to help the homeless, you may want to give to a local charity. You will also want to make sure that the charities mission aligns with your personal values. You may not want to give to a church that holds beliefs that you don’t agree with, for instance, even if they are doing good work for people. Part of choosing a charity to give money to is giving it to causes in which you believe.

How are Donations Used?

There are many good charities to donate to and most of them provide information on how their donations are spent. While there are administration costs that need to be covered for these charities, most organizations try to use charitable donations for their cause and not on office expenses. It may not always be possible to do so though, because many non-profit organizations rely solely on donations for funding. If you are concerned about how your donated money is used, you can look up information online on charities and find out where their donations are being spent. Most charities try to be transparent about where their money goes and produce reports showing how donations are used. It can be difficult to discern who is more worthy of getting your donations, especially if you are donating significant amounts of money. However, with a little research, you can determine how your donations will be spent, which can help you decide with which charities you wish to make donations.

How Much Should You Give?

The amount of your donation will depend on what you can afford, but if that isn’t an issue for you, it may depend on whom you are giving your money. If you are making a donation to a hospital or university, you may be recognized for your charitable giving if you are adding a wing to the facility and that can be a big ego boost. However, if you are not concerned with recognition, you can always make sure your donation is anonymous. Many churches suggest that 10 percent of your income should go to charity, a church specifically, while other organizations suggest that 5 percent may be a better target. While it is up to your comfort level, and income, on how much to give, you should stick with causes that you believe in and not diversify. You’re not investing in the charitable organizations you give money to, you are trying to fund causes in which you truly believe. You may find yourself inundated with requests for money if you do donate, but those requests may be because of the amount you’re giving. If you are a big donor, your charity will solicit you directly because they don’t want to lose you as a donor. However, if you are giving small donations, they may sell your information to a clearinghouse for charities and you will find more requests for your money. Consider the causes you believe in before writing a cheque and then do some research to find the best charities to donate to. While it may not seem worth the effort for a few dollars, if you are donating significant amounts of money, you will probably want to know where and how you’re money is spent. Most of us want our money to go where it will be spent on the cause. If you have a passion for helping people in need or those who are looking to change their lives and need a hand up not a hand out, then consider donating to Sheltered by Grace. We are not government funded, and the money to fund the ongoing support of our clients in need of transformation comes directly from a portion of our client’s Centrelink benefits and from donations.

Leave a Legacy to the World

As the world continues to develop and become a smaller community with many connections through the internet and industry there is a need for philanthropy more than ever. Philanthropy is the need to do good things for others and often takes the form of large donations of money or property in the form of charitable trusts.  The desire to give back is to create a legacy to the world that your existence mattered and you contributed to the world.

The desire is the same for a corporation as for an individual as well.  Developing a charitable trust, which is a specific trust established to run the interests of a particular organization or group of charities that it can be done. The designated activities and funding is clearly stated to support all of the activities of the charitable trust and the money that it contributes.  The successful establishment of a charity can leave a positive legacy for the world. Keep Reading

local homeless shelters

Dig Deep – Local Homeless Shelters Need Help

“Dig Deep: Homeless Need Help”

Friday 19 June 2015 – The Reporter Article on Sheltered by Grace

Kelly Daniels’ awesome article on Sheltered by Grace can be found as an attachment.  In this article, Kelly explains that Sheltered by Grace is raising money to build our second stage of our local homeless shelters.  We need community help to build an additional and much needed 36 bedrooms in order to transform the lives of the homeless.

We currently have had earth works graciously donated and building approval in place.  We plan on doing the building in stages beginning with the first 12 bedroom module.  The first thing we need is concrete for the foundations.  If you, or someone you know has contacts that can help us with concrete, please get in touch with us.  Your help is greatly needed, and greatly appreciated! Keep Reading

Good Charities to Donate To

5 Points To Consider When Choosing Good Charities To Donate To

The ultimate goal of a good charity is to right the wrongs in life, contributing to the good of the less fortunate, not to feather their nest. So what are the determining factors in finding a good charity?

What Defines The Best Charity To Donate To?

To explain, or describe, or interpret, or characterize the best charity to donate to, is how the dictionary explains “define” the best charity to donate to. To illustrate this more clearly, let’s take a look at the points below, one at a time.

1. Which cause?
2. Modus Operandi. Method of operation/charter
3. Ability to achieve the desired result (past performance)
4. Ability to lead/ utilization of talent pool
5. Enriching society (what do they give back) Keep Reading

Best charity to donate to

Brisbane Homeless Shelters – What Is The Best Charity To Donate To?

Quite frankly, there do not seem to be enough homeless shelters to go around. How is that possible, you say? Well the swelling ranks of our homeless, is a prime indicator of the depths of gravity of the situation and the urgency required in providing a solution.

All homeless shelters are worthy of our help because they are the only recourse that our homeless can turn to in their times of great need. One of the best homeless charities to donate to, Sheltered By Grace is in Brisbane and expanding to provide more beds. Keep Reading

Charities to Donate To

What Are The Best Charities To Donate To In Brisbane?

How do you say NO to a person in dire need – go away? Well, unless you yourself were in a similar position, it would take a truly heartless person to contemplate saying this. In all conscience, a humane person would at least attempt to help, would you agree?

Charities to Donate To

That’s precisely how Chairman of Sheltered By Grace, Jason Loakes became so totally committed to helping homeless people. A friend and his family were in dire need.

There are many good Brisbane charities to donate to, and all are worthy of support, so finding a charity close to your heart is a great starting point.
Keep Reading

best charities to donate to

Why Sheltered By Grace Is One Of The Best Charities To Donate To

Last Christmas I decided that I would very much like to donate some of my time in helping to feed the homeless, a good charity to donate to, I’m sure you will agree.

I had never done this before, so it was about time I did, I had thought about it many times before this, even my children who had flown the coop a long time ago, had done so. My partner was away and my best friend would arrive later that evening, so off I went.

What an enlightening experience it was! Heart wrenching and enlightening. Keep Reading

best charities to donate to

Best Charities to Donate To

Sometimes it’s a difficult task finding the best charities to donate to as there are so many worthy ones out there. One thing that many savvy donors are considering these days is the idea of a “social return on their investment”. In the book, “Money Well Spent”, Brest and Harvey (2008:15) talk about the notion of social return on investment meaning that a donor or philanthropist wants to see their limited resources achieve the greatest possible impact. Perhaps this is why we are seeing a trend towards people only supporting those charities that are closest to their hearts, but they support them more regularly. Keep Reading

Goodwill Donations

5 Factors that influence choosing good charities to donate to

Are you considering making a charity donation? If so, do you know which charity you will make that donation to? There are many fine charities that can use almost anything that you have to give them, whether that is your time, money or personal effects. These charities provide various services that benefit the community in one way or another. You will find charities that support jobs in the community, those that assist homeless individuals, domestic violence victims and more. How can you choose between them when they all seem to provide such beneficial services to the community? Keep Reading


A Guide To Tax Deductible donations when choosing the best charities to donate to

Donating to charity is an effort that makes you feel good inside. You’re doing your part to help other people whom might not be in the same position in life as you –people who appreciate your kind gesture more than anything in the world. There are numerous organizations that you can donate your money, time and personal effects to, whether you want to support disabled individuals, children, the homeless, victims of domestic violence or something else.

How to Make a DonationCharitable donations

Making a donation is very easy to do, and many times the donation is tax deductible. Your first step is to decide which organization you wish to support, as well as the monetary amount you’d like to donate, or the items that you have to part with for donation. Don’t forget to clean out the closets in search of donations!  You can find an organization that needs almost anything that you can offer them, and you will feel great knowing that your items are being put to great use. Keep Reading