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Homeless Statistics


Homelessness statistics must be addressed.

Alarming ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) facts showing that one in 200 Australians are homeless, obviates an urgency to address this escalating need.

Homelessness is fundamentally reliant on housing for a meaningful solution.

This is why our commonwealth government committed to the NRAS (national rental affordability scheme) to invest in affordable rental housing, thereby increasing the supply of new affordable housing, reduced rentals and encouraged large scale investing.

elements of medicine and health, pills and stethoscope

Statistics on homeless citizens show that serious health consequences arise as a result of exposure to the elements.


The Australian government has provided approximately $250 million per year for homelessness initiatives.  That is a lot of money. Trouble is, strings are attached. It appears that the right arm all too often doesn’t know what the left arm is doing! Keep Reading

Homeless Statistics

Homeless Statistics

Important Homeless Statistics and Facts

Homelessness is prevalent in Australia and is very common in large cities like Sydney and Brisbane.  The homelessness statistics indicate that one (1) in every two hundred (200) Australians will be homeless on any given night. About 17, 845 of these homeless people are children under 10 years old.  Owing to this surprising and devastating number, there is a need to look at the issue and work together to transform the situation.

How is Homelessness in Australia defined?

Homelessness in Australia is defined as a situation where a person does not have favorable accommodation and are currently living in any of the following circumstances: Keep Reading

Causes of Homelessness

The Causes of Homelessness

The faces of the homeless are diverse in Australia.  While the majority of homeless are men, there are also significant amounts of homeless woman, children and families on the streets or in transitional housing. Continue reading