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Dig Deep – Local Homeless Shelters Need Help

“Dig Deep: Homeless Need Help”

Friday 19 June 2015 – The Reporter Article on Sheltered by Grace

Kelly Daniels’ awesome article on Sheltered by Grace can be found as an attachment.  In this article, Kelly explains that Sheltered by Grace is raising money to build our second stage of our local homeless shelters.  We need community help to build an additional and much needed 36 bedrooms in order to transform the lives of the homeless.

We currently have had earth works graciously donated and building approval in place.  We plan on doing the building in stages beginning with the first 12 bedroom module.  The first thing we need is concrete for the foundations.  If you, or someone you know has contacts that can help us with concrete, please get in touch with us.  Your help is greatly needed, and greatly appreciated! Keep Reading

Sunday Mail article for Local Homeless Shelters

Local Homeless Shelters in Brisbane – Sheltered by Grace article by Kylie Lang and picture by David Kelly of The Sunday Mail on 3 May 2015.
Local Homeless Shelter

Local Homeless Shelters Need Your Help!

How Can You Help Local Homeless Shelters?

Local Homeless Shelters

Local Homeless Shelters need help!


Kevin - no longer homeless

Vow to End Homelessness by Sheltered by Grace Chair

“I Could End Homelessness in 5 Months”

Chair, Jason Loakes talks to the Albert and Logan News

This article  appeared in the Quest Paper’s Albert and Logan News on Thursday 24 April 2014.  It outlines our Chair Jason’s personal vow to end homelessness and outlines the way in which we can achieve this.

This article also features Kevin, who is one of our Transformation Story successes.  You can see his story here…

Please share this article with those you know who may be able to help us transform homelessness.  If we work together as a community, it is possible to achieve massive change and influence the community to help us transform lives. Keep Reading