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Dig Deep – Local Homeless Shelters Need Help

“Dig Deep: Homeless Need Help”

Friday 19 June 2015 – The Reporter Article on Sheltered by Grace

Kelly Daniels’ awesome article on Sheltered by Grace can be found as an attachment.  In this article, Kelly explains that Sheltered by Grace is raising money to build our second stage of our local homeless shelters.  We need community help to build an additional and much needed 36 bedrooms in order to transform the lives of the homeless.

We currently have had earth works graciously donated and building approval in place.  We plan on doing the building in stages beginning with the first 12 bedroom module.  The first thing we need is concrete for the foundations.  If you, or someone you know has contacts that can help us with concrete, please get in touch with us.  Your help is greatly needed, and greatly appreciated!

Local Homeless Shelters

Sheltered by Grace is a local homeless shelter that runs without government funding.  We have a model that allows us to do 24 hour supported accommodation and case management to really help people get back on their feet, whether that be: stabilise their physical and mental health; get people reunited with family; get through court cases; get access to benefits; get training; get a job; or get linked in with other organisations that offer a range of services. We have seen a number of our clients transform their lives and get themselves back on track.  We have a mission and a vision to finally transform homelessness in Australia – but we need the help of the community.

How can you help us Transform Lives?  Visit www.sbg.org.au 

Local Homeless Shelters Need Help

Dig Deep Local Homeless Shelters Need Help


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