Dob in Your Boss Campout

2018 annual CHARITY campout supporting the
homeless people of Logan

We all love our boss. But sometimes don’t you wish you could take
control and make them do the dirty work for a change? Sheltered By
Grace is here to help you do just that… with an offer too good to refuse.

  • When: Saturday 23rd June
  • Where: 157 Old Logan Village Road, Waterford
  • Starts: 6PM

How does it work?
To help raise awareness, we want you to nominate your boss to sleep rough for a night. Staff fundraise at least $250 to enter their boss in the campout. If your boss does not agree to participate, that’s fine! They just need to match that $250 of their own money and they’re ‘off the hook’… and just come for the festivities!

What else can we offer?
For every $100 extra raised, you can throw water balloons or watch your boss eat bugs. These are some of the options available, though any special requests will be considered. If we can make it happen for you… we will!
All donations will assist Sheltered by Grace to continue providing accommodation and support to those impacted by homelessness in the Logan district.

Register now to Dob in Your Boss today by contacting
Sheltered by Grace
on 3200 7145 or

It’s for 1 night only, and participants need to bring along a tent/swag and sleeping bag.

Co-founded by Jason and Lisa Loakes in 2010, Sheltered by Grace homeless shelter is based in Waterford. The organisation is passionate about the transformation of lives through supported accommodation, with 24-hour onsite support, counselling, resident transportation and a full case management program.

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