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5 Factors that influence choosing good charities to donate to

Are you considering making a charity donation? If so, do you know which charity you will make that donation to? There are many fine charities that can use almost anything that you have to give them, whether that is your time, money or personal effects. These charities provide various services that benefit the community in one way or another. You will find charities that support jobs in the community, those that assist homeless individuals, domestic violence victims and more. How can you choose between them when they all seem to provide such beneficial services to the community?

Here we will provide you a list of the top 5 factors that should be taken into consideration when you are looking for the best charity to donate to. Keep these factors in mind when evaluating each of these donations for charity and you will certainly easily be able to determine  where you want to put your efforts. At the end of the day, you can choose to donate to any charity of your choosing, for any reason that you choose. Who knows? One day a phone call could change the entire perspective of things and you’ll happily donate!

1. What is Close to your Heart?

Whether you know someone who has personally went through an issue such as homelessness, domestic violence or passed with an incurable disease, if there is a cause that is close to your heart, by all means find a charity that supports that and make your donation count. There are many organisations dedicated to just about every cause that you can think of. Use Google or another search engine to find organisations that are both local to you as well as those nearby or even national. While most people find they want to support the community that they live in, some prefer to help organisations that deal with problems on a higher level.

2. Is the Charity Popular?

You might or might not want to donate to a popular charity, or one that most people are donating to already. Oftentimes people look for smaller organisations that need the most help. The more popular the organisation the more money they have coming in the door. Again, you are free to donate to any organisation that is close to your heart, but you do want to run this through your mind before your donation is made.

3. Are you Familiar with the Organisation?

Before readily handing your money over to an organisation, make sure that you re familiar with them, the services offered and how your money is going to be used to help the community. Whether it is through donations to homeless residents inside of a shelter or cash used for research on a particular topic, you want to know how the organisation is using your donation. In addition, get to know the company on a more in-depth level. Doing this can help you feel more at ease with them, more willing to help them out.

4. Is it a Tax-Deductible Donation?

A tax deductible donation is very nice for you since it can be claimed as a write-off on your taxes. Not only are you helping other people around you, you are also helping yourself at the end of the year. Not all charities are eligible for this tax deduction, so make sure that the charity that is chosen is eligible if it is something of interest to you. Tax deductions for tax purposes can be made on both cash donations and physical ones as well.

5. How Great is the Need?

A lot of time people donate to the larger, well known charities because they have heard of them and their name is well known.  However, the smaller charities often struggle to get a portion of donations from the generosity of the community.  These smaller organisations are oftentimes providing help right in the community, so you can say that you are helping your neighbours. And, you will have a hand in helping the organisation continue to provide invaluable services to others.

A few other things that you want to consider when choosing your charity:

Reviews: What are other people saying about the organisation? It is important that you familiarise yourself with this information. Those who have been helped by the organisation always offer the best insight, so be sure that you take the time to read what others have to say.

> Mission: What is the ultimate mission of the organisation? Knowing this can also be beneficial when making the determination of whether you want to donate.

Results: You also want to look at what the organisation has done since they have opened their doors. How much money have they raised? How many people have been helped, and in what method did they receive this help? When you know that the organisation is truly doing their part to make a difference you can confidently give them a donation and feel good about things.

Your Thoughts/Feelings: At the end of the day, your thoughts and feelings about the organisation, what they offer and how they operate is totally up to you. Always consider this above all else. You want peace of mind in the donation that you are making, and keeping these things in your mind certainly makes it easier to choose.

Choosing your Charity

As you can see there are several things that should be used to help you decide which shelter is most worthy of your donation. Perhaps there are even two or more of them that you feel worthy of your donation. To make this decision easier, use all of the information listed above. You can feel great about your donation when these factors are all considered.

About the Author Lisa Loakes