Homeless shelters in Brisbane provide a very useful service to individuals facing life-evolving issues. There are a growing number of homeless people in the city –and these shelters are the one and only recourse these individuals have until they are back on their feet.

There are certainly far too few shelters in the area to support homeless individuals, but there are few great ones that are striving to make a difference. Your support is very much needed to continue to offer their services.

What is a Homeless Person?

Oftentimes we paint a picture of what a homeless person should be like, look like or the behaviours. Sadly, this is generally not the actual facts of the matter. Homeless people are the kids that your child attends school with, the lady that you see in the store who you laughed at because of her clothes. All too often it is hard-working, law-abiding citizens who become homeless. Many times children are involved. So many are living pay check to pay check, and when the inevitable happens, disaster strikes.

Homeless Shelters offer hope

Homeless shelters provide strength, courage and hope to those people. They assist them with a safe place to sleep, as well as tools to get back out into society and make it on their own. Though each homeless shelter offers its own set of services, most provide everything that is needed to help the homeless individual or family on their road back to success. This is far more than simply housing for the night or for a few weeks.

Shelters feed families, they address the issues that have caused the homelessness in the first place, and they provide the individual with tools, resources and help. Counselling, transportation, employment, clothing, resumes, and more all are provided through these shelters. If an individual is in need, these shelters aim to complete that need so there are no barriers to them obtaining housing once again. Most of all, they care about the people they are serving. They give them hope when it all seems lost and ensures that there is a bright of day somewhere in there.

But, these shelters cannot do it alone. Most of them depend on the support of the community to be able to continue to provide services such as those listed above. They need support from the community in a number of different ways, from money to the physical items you no longer need to your time in their shelter.  While they may receive minimal funds from the government, this is not the case with all shelters.

Top Charities to Donate to in Brisbane

One of the best charities to donate to is also the largest homeless shelter in Brisbane. Called Sheltered by Grace, this organisation offers a shelter with individual rooms for each person or family, counselling, employment services, a 24-hour hotline, personal items, clothing, training and much more. The shelter needs many different donations, including money, household items, clothing, food, toiletries and more. Volunteers are also needed to assist with the operation of the shelter. This shelter has been in operation since 2010, and during those four years they have made a difference in the lives of so many people.

Although this is the best charity to donate to, there are also others in the area who need your support. Goodwill donations are also beneficial to the homeless community. Oftentimes those who become homeless have lost their job or are unable to attain a job due to health conditions, disabilities, etc. Goodwill helps those people find jobs and puts them to work in their thrift stores. Goodwill accepts a variety of good usable donations, including clothes for the family, items for pets, items for the home, shoes, TVs, microwaves, toys, children’s items and others. Appliances are not accepted, and mattresses are also prohibited.

If you make a donation to a homeless shelter in the area, you can get a tax receipt and claim it as a deduction on your taxes. The charities above all qualify under the tax deduction re rules of Australia, so you can get this receipt and benefit yourself with the donation.The Edge Café is a service designed to provide hot meals, showers, clean clothing and other services to the homeless in the community. The café operates week days in Beenleigh. Many people in the area enjoy this program, but it is another that depends on your support to keep it afloat.

Reasons to Donate to a Homeless Shelter

When you make a donation to Sheltered by Grace, or one of the other fine homeless shelters in the area, you will feel good inside. It is a sad fact that so many people in the area do not have a place to call home. They don’t have the peace of mind of knowing how they’ll get a hot meal or where their kids will sleep at night. Your donation, every penny of it, is used to ensure that homeless individuals are not struggling alone and can get back on their feet.

Without the help and the support of these homeless shelters in the area, many of these individuals would be sleeping on the streets and never would be able to get back into the position in life where they need to be. When the community steps up to the plate and helps, no matter how small or minor they might feel it to be, homeless shelters are able to be that support and give these people what they need to return back to normal life as they know it.

Which Charity to Donate to – The Bottom Line

Whether you have money, time or goods, Sheltered by Grace would love your support and assistance. You will be sure that the items or the money is put to very good use, and with your help, homelessness is an issue that can be combated.


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