Does NDIS Cover Respite Care? Discover Sheltered by Grace’s Respite Accommodation in Brisbane

Respite care is an essential service that provides much-needed relief and support to individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. If you or someone you know is in need of respite care services in Brisbane, you may be wondering, "Does NDIS cover respite care?" The answer is yes, and Sheltered by Grace is here to offer you a unique and innovative NDIS respite accommodation solution.

What is

Respite NDIS Accommodation?

Respite NDIS accommodation is a service that offers temporary support and accommodation to NDIS participants. It serves as a break for both the participant and their caregivers, providing an opportunity for rest, rejuvenation, and a change of environment. Respite care can be a vital component of an NDIS plan, offering participants the chance to experience a nurturing and supportive environment.

NDIS Respite Accommodation Near Me in Brisbane:

If you're looking for NDIS respite accommodation near Brisbane, Sheltered by Grace is a name you should know. With 14 years of experience, we specialise in working with clients who have complex issues and unique needs. Our well-established Level 3 supported accommodation certification is a testament to our commitment to providing quality care and support to those who need it.


Sheltered by Grace offers short-term NDIS accommodation, commonly referred to as respite, to participants aged 25 and over. Our approach is based on the principles of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and Psychosocial Recovery, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all our residents.

Our Unique Respite Service:

What sets Sheltered by Grace apart is our unwavering commitment to achieving participant goals and empowering them to reach their full potential. We adopt a person-centred and strengths-based approach, recognizing that every individual is unique and requires personalised support.


Our NDIS respite accommodation includes a range of facilities to ensure the comfort and well-being of our residents, including:

  • Medication assistance by staff trained in first aid and CPR
  • Single rooms with private bathrooms and kitchenettes
  • Access to fresh bedding and laundry facilities
  • Shared cooked dinners with other residents, along with onsite support for all other meals

Social Skills Development:

We offer assistance to help develop independence and social skills, empowering participants to learn essential life skills that will enhance their overall quality of life.

Safe and Supported:

Our respite services are not only of great value but are also delivered by qualified staff with Certificate III or higher qualifications in relevant areas of study. Our experienced team provides support in a ratio of 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3, depending on the participant's specific needs, ensuring that each individual feels safe and supported by professionals who have extensive experience in the industry.

If you are looking for NDIS respite accommodation in Brisbane and are wondering, "Does NDIS cover respite care?" Sheltered by Grace is here to provide the answers and the support you need. Our respite service is dedicated to helping participants achieve their personal goals, offering a true partnership towards empowerment.

To find out more or to book respite accommodation, please contact our office at (07) 3200 7145 or email Visit the NDIS guidelines here to learn more about short-term accommodation and respite services.

Choose Sheltered by Grace for quality NDIS respite accommodation and experience the difference in care and support that we provide.