Sheltered By Grace to offer shelter for the homeless in Maryborough
DECEMBER 4, 2019 – 7 News Coverage on Maryborough Queensland charity, Sheltered By Grace will now be offering shelter to[...]
New homelesss shelter for Maryborough
DECEMBER 4, 2019 – 7 News Coverage on Maryborough A Queensland charity is extending its reach, offering shelter to Maryborough's[...]
Homeless man born with no hands sells sketches to help tackle Queensland’s accommodation crisis
JUNE 10, 2019 - ABC News Article on Sheltered by Grace After years of living on the streets, recovering ice[...]
Talking to Luke Howarth about emergency housing issues.
"Thank you to Jason and Lisa from Sheltered By Grace for the work they are doing helping house homeless people.[...]
Sheltered By Grace plans for three new buildings to house Logan’s homeless have stalled because of a lack of funding
JULY 28 2019 - The Courier-Mail Article on Sheltered by Grace A CHARITY that provides shelter to homeless men and[...]
Sheltered by Grace gets to work on Homeless Transition Centre
"Sheltered by Grace gets to work on Homeless Transition Centre"JUNE 18 2019 - Jimboomba Times Article on Sheltered by GraceA[...]
Good Charities To Donate To
Who Should Get Your Donations?Helping others doesn’t necessarily involve taking time out of your busy schedule and volunteering. Most charitable[...]
Leave a Legacy to the World
As the world continues to develop and become a smaller community with many connections through the internet and industry there[...]
The Joy of Giving Back & Volunteering
Did you know that volunteerism is alive and well in Australia. At least 1 in 4 Aussies volunteer each year according to[...]
Homelessness statistics must be addressed. Alarming ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) facts showing that one in 200 Australians are homeless,[...]
Dig Deep – Local Homeless Shelters Need Help
"Dig Deep: Homeless Need Help" Friday 19 June 2015 - The Reporter Article on Sheltered by Grace Kelly Daniels' awesome[...]
SHELTERS – do they make a difference?
In this age of insecurity, if you found yourself suddenly homeless and perhaps penniless – what would you do? Logically[...]
What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
In today’s society, Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR is seen by some as “the right thing to do” and yet[...]
Sunday Mail article for Local Homeless Shelters
Local Homeless Shelters in Brisbane - Sheltered by Grace article by Kylie Lang and picture by David Kelly of The[...]
5 Points To Consider When Choosing Good Charities To Donate To
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Brisbane Homeless Shelters – What Is The Best Charity To Donate To?
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What Are The Best Charities To Donate To In Brisbane?
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Why Sheltered By Grace Is One Of The Best Charities To Donate To
Last Christmas I decided that I would very much like to donate some of my time in helping to feed[...]
Mental Illness Statistics
Each year, approximately one out of every 5 Australians will experience a mental illness.  One out of five!...that’s 4.626 Million[...]
Mental Illness and Homelessness
Mental Illness and Homelessness Homelessness, poor health (both mental and physical) and substance abuse all go hand in hand.  In[...]
What’s it like to be Homeless at Christmas?
For most of us, Christmas is a time for celebrating, for family, for mountains of food and the exchanging of[...]
Local Homeless Shelters Need Your Help!
How Can You Help Local Homeless Shelters?      
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A Guide To Tax Deductible donations when choosing the best charities to donate to
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Looking for The Best Charities to Donate To in Brisbane?
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Homeless Shelters in Brisbane – Which is the best charity to donate to?
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Homeless Facts – Mark Will be Remembered for His Creativity and Imagination
Farewell Mark - you will be fondly remembered We recently said goodbye to one of our long-term residents, Mark who[...]
Homeless Statistics
Important Homeless Statistics and Facts Homelessness is prevalent in Australia and is very common in large cities like Sydney and[...]
Shelters That Transform Lives!
Homeless Shelters Need Your Help Homelessness is a widespread problem that affects many countries around the world, including Australia.  There[...]
7 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering
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Vow to End Homelessness by Sheltered by Grace Chair
"I Could End Homelessness in 5 Months" Chair, Jason Loakes talks to the Albert and Logan News This article  appeared[...]
The Effects of Poverty on the Country
Poverty has a huge effect on the country No matter how rich a city or a country seems, there are[...]
The Causes of Homelessness
The faces of the homeless are diverse in Australia.  While the majority of homeless are men, there are also significant[...]