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Helping Brisbane's Homeless Rewrite Their Stories

Healing Begins Here: Overcoming Trauma Program

Australia’s homeless population is disproportionately affected by trauma, and at Sheltered by Grace, we believe that healing from trauma is an essential step in their journey back to independence and stability.

At Sheltered by Grace, we are on a mission to end homelessness by offering holistic programs that help the homeless overcome their trauma and rewrite their stories.

Our Overcoming Trauma Program is designed to provide life-changing support for homeless men and women, addressing the deep-seated trauma that often underlies homelessness. Through tailored psychoeducation, therapeutic support, and a safe, nurturing environment, we aim to heal wounds and restore hope.

With weekly modules and self-reflection activities, participants receive the tools they need to heal from trauma, rebuild their lives, and reconnect with society.

Join us in our commitment to transformation and empowerment—because everyone deserves a chance to heal and thrive.


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Overcoming Trauma Program: Healing the Scars, Rebuilding Lives

Australia’s homeless population is disproportionately affected by trauma, with over 90% having experienced at least one major traumatic event in their lives. Homelessness itself is a highly traumatic and destabilising experience, characterised by the loss of stable housing, social support, and one’s sense of security.

However, chances are homeless individuals also have histories of pre-existing trauma, such as childhood abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Despite the glaring need for mental healthcare within this population, systemic barriers such as the general lack and inaccessibility of responsive mental healthcare systems and pressures of extreme poverty continue to relegate some of our most vulnerable to the fringes of society.

As part of our vision for transformation and ongoing commitment to the empowerment, recovery, and reconnection of Australia’s unsheltered, Sheltered by Grace introduces our Overcoming Trauma Program. 

This (eight-week) program will provide tailored psychoeducation and therapeutic support to residents with histories of trauma. Modules will be delivered weekly in a safe and positive group setting, each consolidated by a self-reflection activity.

We're incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of the
Zonta Club of Brisbane. Their generous grants make a real difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. Thanks to their commitment, we can continue offering high-quality services and reach out to even more individuals who need a helping hand.

Program Overview

Duration: 12 weeks
Modules: 8


Weekly face-to-face group coaching (1.5 hours) and fortnightly personalised case management sessions with our Head Social Worker.

The program will cover the following topics:

These numbers highlight the critical need for programs that address both addiction and homelessness. By supporting our Rehabilitation Recovery Program, you're not just helping someone find shelter; you're investing in breaking the cycle of homelessness and addiction for good.

  • What is Trauma? An Introduction.
  • Post Traumatic Growth (Transformation)
  • Trauma and Identity
  • Cognitive Coping
  • The ACT Approach to Trauma
  • Resilience
  • Stigma and Barriers to Embarking on a Healing Journey
  • Self-Care

Why We Developed This Program

Through our extensive work with clients in our six-month Rehab Recovery Program, it became clear that trauma is a common thread among those at risk of homelessness. Issues such as poor mental health, substance abuse, and experiences of domestic violence often underlie these traumatic experiences.

Our Overcoming Trauma Program is a critical addition to our suite of services, which includes:

6-Month Rehab Recovery Program

6-Month Peer/Leadership Program

Life Skills 101 Program

Working Through Domestic Violence


The Overcoming Trauma Program aims to equip participants with the skills and tools necessary to overcome trauma that has led to homelessness, addiction, and separation from family. By combining on-site individual and group sessions with self-paced modules, our program fosters resilience, helps clients reconnect with loved ones, and promotes self-regulation, reducing the likelihood of returning to harmful patterns.

We believe that by addressing the root causes of these issues, we can support individuals in creating positive and lasting change in their lives. This program is vital for helping participants regain their independence and build a supportive network within the community.

Program Structure

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to healing and recovery. We combine group support with individual attention to ensure each participant receives the guidance they need to move forward. This ensures participants receive the support they need at their own pace, while also fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Weekly Group Coaching

Led by our experienced social worker, weekly group sessions provide a safe space for participants to share their experiences, learn coping mechanisms for trauma triggers, and gain strength from others who understand their struggles. Our small group sizes (maximum 6 participants) ensure everyone receives personalised attention and feels comfortable opening up.

Individual Workbooks

Participants receive workbooks that complement the group sessions. These workbooks provide structured exercises and activities for self-reflection and self-discovery, allowing participants to delve deeper into their journeys at their convenience.

Fortnightly Case Management

Regular one-on-one sessions with our Head Social Worker offer personalised support and accountability. The Social Worker can tailor the program to everyone's specific needs and track their progress, celebrating milestones and providing encouragement along the way.

Delivery and Monitoring

Our multi-faceted approach caters to all learning styles, combining group interaction, individual reflection, and tailored case management. Progress is monitored through participation in group activities, engagement with online modules, and regular case management meetings.

Here is how we ensure each program participant gets the most out of the experience:

Initial Assessment

Evaluates mental health, addiction status, connections, and overall wellness to establish a starting point.

Ongoing Monitoring

Tracks progress through documented case management notes, ensuring each participant receives the support they need.

Final Assessment

Measures progress and identifies next steps for each participant. This helps them set realistic goals for continued success beyond the program.

They Deserve a Chance

Every person deserves a safe place and a path forward. Be the hope they need.

Sponsor their journey.

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By sponsoring a program, you are not just giving a handout, you are investing in lasting change. Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Sheltered by Grace:

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Partner with Us: Support the Life Skills 101 Program

Looking for the best charities to donate to or meaningful corporate social responsibility initiatives? Your support can help us provide essential life skills training to people experiencing homelessness.

Through the Overcoming Trauma program, you can help individuals gain the confidence and skills they need to secure and maintain housing, leading to lasting positive change.

If you would like to join with us and sponsor people to undertake our Overcoming Trauma program, please read more about our
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