Our Team

Meet Our Co-Founders

Jason and Lisa feel called to use their giftings to help people who are less fortunate and to transform lives. Together, they have developed a housing model that does not rely on government funding. Their focus is ending homelessness through the building of community and they are passionate about creating real change in the lives of those who need it.

Jason Loakes

CEO and Chair of the Board

Jason originally comes from a construction industry background before moving into sales with Queensland housing magazines and working with the Queensland Government Printer. He has undertaken a number of his own business ventures and has had extensive personal development training. When he and Lisa founded Sheltered by Grace in 2010, he had his own building and development company, Out of the Box Developments, and was building modular and transportable buildings for mining camps and remote locations.

Jason is passionate about transforming lives and helping individuals to transform their lives, be free from addictions and live a life of purpose.  He loves the work that he does and enjoys sharing his experiences and his passion for transforming the lives of the homeless.

Lisa Loakes


Lisa worked with the Queensland Government for approximately 9 years in Human Resource roles up to Director level. She is currently the Director for Corporate Services for Sheltered by Grace and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Associate Diplomas in Speech and Drama, Graduate Certificate in Business and Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Not for Profit studies from QUT.

Our Board Members

Colette Gavet

We are delighted to introduce Colette Gavet, as an addition to our board of directors at Sheltered by Grace. With over three decades of experience in business management and an impressive array of skills and accomplishments, Colette brings a wealth of expertise to our organisation.

Colette's professional journey spans various domains, including payroll and accounting, human resources, project management, and work health and safety. As HR Manager at Paroo Shire Council, she oversaw critical areas such as employee relations, payroll, recruitment, and work health and safety. Her dedication to staff well-being and risk mitigation was evident through her successful implementation of strategies to minimise risks and manage Work Cover claims.

Having served as Business Manager at Priceless Life Ltd, a not-for-profit charitable organization, Colette showcased her exceptional consulting and restructuring skills. Under her guidance, the organization navigated through challenges and achieved remarkable growth by March 2020. Colette's passion for philanthropy extends beyond her career, as she actively volunteers for community support projects and has participated in missions to Uganda, East Africa. 

Most recently, Colette has been working with CMI in the roles of General Manager and CFO.

Her diverse qualifications, including diplomas in Payroll Services, Business, Quality Auditing, and more, reflect her commitment to staying current with industry standards. Recognised for her integrity, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to process improvement, Colette is a valued visionary leader on our board.

As we welcome Colette to our team, we are confident that her exceptional leadership and philanthropic spirit will play a pivotal role in driving positive change and advancing our mission to create a better, more impactful future for the people we serve.

Glenn Rohde

Meet our board member, Glenn Rohde, a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in the building industry. Glenn started his professional journey in the agricultural industry, running his own cotton harvesting operation at the age of 21. He then transitioned to the building industry, obtaining his builder's license in 2000 and began with home renovations and extensions before moving on to complete new home builds.

In 2009, Glenn started a concrete radar and cutting business, gaining valuable experience in large-scale multi-story projects and other commercial buildings such as shopping centres and high-rise offices. His expertise led him to consult with commercial construction project managers, helping them to save time and costs and achieve project requirements more efficiently.

In 2018, Glenn decided to sell his business and pursue his passion for making a positive impact in the community. He attained his building and pest inspection certification and started Trimax Building Inspections, serving Brisbane and its surrounding areas. Today, Glenn is committed to using his knowledge and experience to help our homelessness charity achieve its mission of providing safe and secure housing for those in need.

As a board member, Glenn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organisation. He is approachable, easy-going, and always willing to share his insights and ideas. When he's not working with us, you can find him horse riding or spending time with his family. We are honoured to have Glenn on our team and look forward to working together to make a positive impact on our community.