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Meet Our Co-Founders

Jason and Lisa feel called to use their giftings to help people who are less fortunate and to transform lives. Together, they have developed a housing model that does not rely on government funding. Their focus is ending homelessness through the building of community and they are passionate about creating real change in the lives of those who need it.

Jason Loakes

CEO and Chair of the Board

Jason originally comes from a construction industry background before moving into sales with Queensland housing magazines and working with the Queensland Government Printer. He has undertaken a number of his own business ventures and has had extensive personal development training. When he and Lisa founded Sheltered by Grace in 2010, he had his own building and development company, Out of the Box Developments, and was building modular and transportable buildings for mining camps and remote locations.

Jason is passionate about transforming lives and helping individuals to transform their lives, be free from addictions and live a life of purpose.  He loves the work that he does and enjoys sharing his experiences and his passion for transforming the lives of the homeless.

Lisa Loakes


Lisa worked with the Queensland Government for approximately 9 years in Human Resource roles up to Director level and still consults to the Queensland Government in a human resource capacity. She is currently the Director for Corporate Services for Sheltered by Grace and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Associate Diplomas in Speech and Drama, Graduate Certificate in Business and Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Not for Profit studies from QUT.

Our Board Members

Rod Hyatt

Rod has a wealth of experience and knowledge across a wide range of fields.  He has been an Advertising Executive, Marketing and Management Consultant, Business Strategist, Property Developer and House Builder. Since retiring from full time business, Rod decided to get involved more deeply in addressing the plight of people who do not sleep securely at night.
Rod is a Board Member for Sheltered by Grace and is a founding member of Hope Re-builders.

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