We provide Homeless Shelters for single men and women over 25 who are experiencing, or at risk of homelessness through addiction, mental health or Domestic Violence and family breakdown.



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Helping the Homeless

Established in 2010, Sheltered by Grace is a not-for-profit organisation based in Logan, Queensland that exists to make a real difference in the lives of the homeless. We are not government funded and our focus is on the provision of supported accommodation and dedicated programs for men and women over the age of 25 suffering from trauma that has led to homelessness.

Offering 24-hour supported accommodation alongside case management our programs are person centred (designed for the individual), trauma informed (acknowledges the impact of trauma) and designed to really help people get their lives back on track rather than just band aid problems.

Corporate Sponsorship

Donors have the extraordinary opportunity to be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

With your support, we can provide immediate shelter, essential support services, and critical healing programs to empower individuals to rebuild their futures. Through our three-tiered sponsorship packages, you can directly contribute to their journey from vulnerability to stability, with options to fit your giving goals.

Why are people homeless?

The majority of our clients have found themselves in need of accommodation and support due to a range of factors including poor physical and mental health or disability; family and domestic violence situations leading to family breakdown; and addictions.

Other causes of homelessness include circumstances such as natural disasters, pandemics such as COVID-19 or accidents; loss of job; and limited access to affordable housing. This is the group of people for whom the pathway out of homelessness is affordable housing. For our clients, affordable housing is not the first solution. Many are struggling with trauma that has significantly contributed to their homelessness and need dedicated support preferably in a community setting to really transform their lives.

Mental health issues are on the increase in Australia. A study undertaken by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) found that 31% of homeless people experienced a mental health problem and approximately half of these had this problem prior to becoming homeless.

Family and domestic violence can occur between intimate partners; family members including siblings, parents, children, aunts, uncles and grandparents; includes elder-abuse; child abuse; and sexual abuse. In many cases, these situations lead to the need for individuals to seek emergency accommodation.

Sheltered by Grace has a dedicated domestic violence facility and we cater to both men and women escaping domestic violence situations. When we started to look at the statistics we have gathered from over ten years of operation, it surprised us to find that just as many of our male clients had been subjected to domestic violence as our ladies…they just didn’t report it or speak about it until they were comfortable to do so.

In Australia in 2019, there were 90 deaths due to domestic violence; 41 women; 20 children; and 29 men. In 2020, there were 90 domestic violence deaths: 44 women; 15 children; and 31 men.

In Queensland there are little or no shelters for male victims of domestic violence and our facility is one of the first.

Addictions – while drug and alcohol addictions can be a reason for people to become homeless, many times it is used by individuals to deal with trauma and avoid emotional pain and opt to self-medicate.

Our NDIS Respite Service Accommodation

Our respite service is tailored exclusively for NDIS participants for Short-term Accommodation / Respite Care.

Recognising the growing demand for specialised services like ours, we proudly present a comprehensive respite solution that revolves around the unique requirements of individuals facing challenges in their current living situations.

Our focused programs

  • 6-week Wellness Program – designed to re-establish routine in eating and sleeping, reconnect with healthcare professionals and provide support in a community setting.
  • 6-month Rehab Recovery Program – we provide weekly meetings, case management, goal setting, counselling and referrals to external organisations.
  • Peer/Leadership Program – an extension of our Rehab Recovery Program allows our clients to cement their progress by mentoring new rehab clients and volunteering their time and support to others.

You can be a part of transforming lives and there are number of ways that individuals, businesses and groups can partner with Sheltered by Grace and be a part of the solution to end homelessness.

We're on a mission to sustainably end homelessness by building community to effectively deliver emergency shelter and targeted programs.


Volunteer with Sheltered by Grace to help build community to transform homelessness.

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Support a person in need to change their life.


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