Karen’s Story

Sheltered by Grace transform’s the lives of the homeless and those at risk of domestic violence, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction through the provision of supported accommodation and dedicated case management.

Karen had hit rock bottom. She had just come out of hospital and was really ill, her children and family were not speaking to her, she had lost her house and was addicted to drugs.

When she came to Sheltered by Grace, she needed time to get healthy again. She put weight back on and got her health under control. She joined our rehab recovery program and worked hard with our social working team and counsellors to get herself clean. She then went on to our peer and mentoring program and became a House Mother. While providing support to our other clients, she really cemented the skills she had learnt.

Although her journey was not easy, with the help of Sheltered by Grace’s programs, she was able to get a department of housing unit, her family is speaking to her again and she has met her grandchildren for the first time.

Unfortunately, Karen’s story is not unique. Older ladies make up approximately 20% of our clients and often present with drug and alcohol dependencies, no links to family, poor health and underlying trauma. Our programs help people like Karen to get their physical and mental health back on track, deal with dependencies and assist in reconnecting with family. With your support, we can help more people like Karen to transform their lives and start to finally live a life they love.

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