Sarah’s Story

Sheltered by Grace transform’s the lives of the homeless and those at risk of domestic violence, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction through the provision of supported accommodation and dedicated case management.

Take Sarah for example. She was in a situation where she was experiencing domestic violence and had been dealing with trauma by self-medicating with drugs. She fell in with a bad crowd, went down a really rough road and found herself at rock bottom where her children were taken into care.

Sheltered by Grace helped her by providing a safe space free of triggers, someone to listen to her, provide case management, counselling and rehabilitation. Sarah has come a long way and after completing our 6 month rehab recovery program and our additional 6 month peer support program, she stepped into a mentoring role as a Caretaker with Sheltered by Grace.

She has just got herself a car, is seeing her children regularly and has a job as a Disability Support Worker and is absolutely loving it! Her next step will be to find a house to rent for herself and her children and really cement her learnings and live a life she loves. 

Unfortunately, Sarah’s story is not unique. Women who have children, but their children don’t live with them make up approximately 20% of our clients and often present with drug and alcohol dependencies, domestic and family violence issues, poor mental health and underlying trauma. Our programs help people like Sarah to get their mental health back on track, assist with court issues, deal with dependencies and assist in reconnecting with family. With your support, we can help more people like Sarah to transform their lives and change the lives of their families.

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