Vince’s Story

The Power of Community Support

Vince's Journey of Transformation

Vince's life was a rough road marked by addiction, violence, and despair for thirty long years. But things changed when he found Sheltered by Grace.

Before finding us, Vince was stuck in a cycle of addiction that seemed impossible to break. His life was full of pain and violence, and he felt like he had no hope left.

But then, he discovered Sheltered by Grace—a safe place for people like him who were looking for a way out of their troubles.

The community atmosphere at Sheltered by Grace played a huge role in Vince's journey. He was welcomed with open arms and given the support he needed to turn his life around with our Rehab Recovery Program and now our Peer Support Program.

During his time with Sheltered by Grace, Vince has made some big changes. He not only changed what he ate but also focused on feeding his soul with positivity and hope. He is volunteering his time to help others out of addictions, starting his study in Community Services and has reconnected with his family.

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Vince's story is one of hope and redemption and he is spreading a message of hope to others who might be going through tough times, showing them that it's possible to find a way out of the darkness. We are so proud of Vince and his achievements.

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