About Us


Sheltered by Grace is a homeless solution to end homelessness and is based on the Common Ground model of housing. Our Chairman, Jason Loakes heard Roseanne Hegarty from Common Ground speak at a forum in Brisbane on one of her first visits to Australia, and her discussion of the model in the US has influenced the way that the Sheltered by Grace model has evolved. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Rosanne speak about a different way of housing the homeless, one that gives onsite care and support that is needed for individuals to come along at their own pace, not one dictated to them.

Helping the Homeless

We provide 24 hour onsite supported accommodation for single men and women that have physical or mental health disabilities that have more often than not been caused or perpetuated through homelessness and its related issues (mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, physical disabilities etc). Our Transformation Workers and House Parents assist our clients with linkages to Centrelink and other government agencies, transportation to appointments, linkages to other agencies for services and training and social skills. We have services including doctors, psychiatrists, personal trainers and drug and alcohol counsellors coming to site regularly and working with individuals to map out a plan that suits their needs.

What makes us different is that our model is self-sustaining, easily duplicatable and does not restrict clients to the industry standard of a three-month placement only. In partnership with the clients, we will determine if they are ready to enter the private rental market and assist them to find appropriate solutions. Depending on the individual’s physical or mental disabilities, we also understand that some people will always need a certain level of supported living, and for this reason, these individuals will always have a home with Sheltered by Grace.