Homeless Shelter Volunteer

Without our volunteers, Sheltered by Grace would not be able to deliver the holistic services that we do to look after our clients with a view to transforming their lives. We value each and every one of our volunteers, and honour them for their time and dedication. Volunteering can change the lives not only of those that you volunteer your time to help , but also to yourself. The benefits of volunteering are many.

If you would like to know more about how you can become a homeless shelter volunteer and give your time to help with Sheltered by Grace, please complete our online form and contact us. We have a variety of things that volunteers can do from helping our clients with case management, helping in the house to clean or make a meal down to just having a cup of tea or coffee with one of our clients. We would love to hear from you!

Stephen Greenwood was initially with Sheltered by Grace as a client. He struggled with addiction and through his hard work and the support of the programs and case management at SBG, he is now well enough to give back and volunteers as our full-time onsite care-taker.

Brett Williams was a previous client who struggled with addiction due to an accident and chronic back pain. Through ongoing support and case management, he has turned his life around and now has a unit of his own. He volunteers his time mentoring clients and offering support and care to all the clients at Sheltered by Grace.​

Naje Jacobsen is a single mother of two and has a passion for helping people change their lives and get back on their feet. She wants to make a change in society and hopes to open her own shelter one day. Naje is one of our critical volunteers and works in our Office Manager and Case Management roles.

​Dianne Greig is a Life Coach who helps our clients in many ways. Her kind nature and focus on equality helps many of our residents through tough times.

​Steph Vincent is a case planner and night shift volunteer. She initially came to Sheltered by Grace as a student and now volunteers her time regularly to provide a happy, positive influence on our clients.