What’s it like to be homeless at Christmas?

Most of us have never had to think about what it’s like to be homeless at Christmas. For us, Christmas is a time for celebrating, for family, mountains of good food and presents. But for the homeless at Christmas, things are very different.

With over 116,000 people in Australia homeless on any given night, the homeless are often ostracised from family and friends and just thinking about Christmas may bring up unhappy memories. They have no home to go to where they feel safe, loved, and welcome and there is no Christmas lunch feast or good will. 

Homeless Shelter Christmas

Sheltered by Grace traditionally celebrates Christmas with our clients and likes to make it a day of celebration. While some of our clients do have family that they celebrate with, many do not, and they often appreciate our volunteers who like to feed the homeless on Christmas day and bring Christmas gifts for homeless men and women.

Feed the homeless on Christmas day

Helping the homeless, particularly at Christmas can be something that you can do either as an individual or as a family to spread some Christmas cheer to others. Volunteering time to making Christmas a special day for people who are homeless or donating food to your local homeless shelter this Christmas is possibly the most meaningful gift you can give this festive season.

Your blessing will be felt by people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy the festive season, and by volunteering in person you will be showing not only that some people really do care, but also helping to bring back the true spirit of Christmas to those who need to feel it the most.

Christmas gifts for the homeless

One of the greatest ways that you can help Sheltered by Grace is by donating money regularly so that your gift keeps giving all year round. All donations over $1 are tax deductible and any amount you can afford to give regularly will help us in our mission to really transform homelessness. Simply go to our donations page https://www.sbg.org.au/donate-now/ and see how you can partner with us to transform lives.

We hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas! For more information about homelessness, your local homeless shelter or how you can help the Homeless at Christmas, visit www.sbg.org.au


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